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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Stingers

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"The Police van is located right next to the Tow truck parking lot (where you do the Tow truck missions for Tonya). As you approach the area, do NOT enter the vicinity while the Policemen are around or you will get a 1-star rating! Avoid the drama and just walk to the back of the building where the Police van is located and jump over the wall (see footnote below).


If the guard doesn't hear you, you can then steal the van and exit the compound without garnering a Wanted level. On the other hand, if you jump over the wall and the guard DOES hear you, you get an automatic 2-Star Wanted rating as soon as you get in the vehicle. Follow the instructions below on how to evade them quickly.

The closest area to hide in safety is the parking garage directly behind the Police station (from where you jumped over the wall).


Once that's done, drive the Police van back to the Vanilla Unicorn to complete the mission.