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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)

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After the opening cutscene, get into Franklin's car and drive over to the waypoint at the bridge over LS Docks.

Drop off Franklin and then move towards the vantage point overlooking the freighter to start the mission.

Before Michael can board the ship, position the Sniper Rifle over the heads of both of the guards on the upper deck. Snipe them with one shot and Michael will enter the ship.

When the perspective switches to Michael, plant the first bomb at the first pillar. From here, you can continue to plant bombs using Michael or you can switch to Franklin and assist Michael by sniping the guards.

For the Gold requirement, switch to Franklin and snipe guards with headshots. Keep the scope focused on the guards that are in the front near the stairways.

Move the scope to the left and snipe the guards that are on the stairway and in the center mast.

Watch after Mike as he plants the second bomb. Keep moving towards the left and take out the guards on the stairwell and upper railings.

When the back side of the ship is cleared, Michael will enter the ship's cabins and end up triggering the alarm.

As the alarm wails, two Merryweather vehicles will show up near the ship. Snipe down the guards that come out of both vehicles and a chopper will fly in soon after.

Shoot down the chopper pilot quickly to get back to defending Michael.

Snipe the guards that chase after Michael. Some will appear at the back of the ship and the others will be hiding in cover near the stairwell.

When the coast is cleared, Michael makes a run for it and dives out of the ship.

From there, pull up your cellphone and choose the detonate option to blow up the freighter.


After Mike spots the item

...the game switches to Trevor so pilot the submersible towards the item and pick it up.

Bring the submersible towards the waypoint to complete the mission.