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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Cargobob (Off-shore)

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If you decided to do the mission from Off-shore, there is one additional mission to accomplish: Trevor must break into Fort Zancudo and steal the giant Cargobob copter! Make your way towards the Fort Zancudo area and you'll be presented with two ways to enter: directly from the gate or from the back gate. For faster access to the copter, enter the fort from the back of the base (use the screencap to pinpoint the location to enter).

Smash through the gates and make a right turn towards the airfield.

gnore the soldiers shooting at you and keep driving towards the copter.

Quickly get out of the vehicle and run and jack the copter and fly outta there! A pursuing helicopter will chase after you and shoot missiles, so avoid it by flying forward (push the Left Analog stick upwards to make the copter fly downwards to gain speed).

Avoid any special flying maneuvers and just keep flying forward until the coast is cleared. From there, fly back to the airfield and land the copter to complete the mission!

On a first playthrough, the mission doesn't start timing itself until Trevor breaks into the fort. On a Replay, the timer starts as soon as the mission begins, so take note!