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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Merryweather Heist (Off-shore)

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After the cutscene at Floyd's apartment, get into a 4-door vehicle and drive to the airstrip. When you arrive at the airstrip, get into the Cargobob and fly up and use the hook to latch onto the submersible. From there, fly towards the waypoint at the Pacific Ocean.

When you arrive at the waypoint, drop the submersible into the water and automatically switch to Trevor. Open your phone and use the Tracikfy app to begin locating the container.


Once the container is located, hover above it to attach it to the submersible and then ascend to surface level and to automatically switch to Michael. Fly above the submersible and latch onto it and then fly towards the airstrip.

Midway thru the flight, a few Merryweather guys will show up to intercept your heist.

Switch to Franklin and start shooting them all down.


Once Franklin has disposed of the last helicopter, switch to Michael and fly back to the airstrip.

Drop the submersible at the waypoint and then land the Cargobob to complete the mission!