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Half Life 2 Lost Coast Walkthrough End

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Head out the way you came from and head to the right.

Go to this gate and get ready for Combine to come out.

There he is. Kill him.

Now go up to this place.

A helicopter will meet you here.

Pull out your rocket launcher and get ready to duel this helicopter.

Ammo will be here too.

Three shots. Easy.

Now, carefully get on that pole.

Carefully drop down to the one below.

Then, get to this wooden plank.

Advance to the left.

To your right will be this elevator.

Walk across to it and get on it.

It'll take you down slowly. Now enjoy the view. You did good.

Now the fisherman will have something else to say. Celebrating your victory and whatnot.

And you're done! I hope you enjoyed this game and that this walkthrough helped you. Game on!