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Half Life 2 Lost Coast Walkthrough Church

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There will be a helicopter shooting at you so watch out for these windows.

Behind this table will be more supply crates for you so use them to your pleasure.

Now this thing deploying rockets it seems has to be stopped. Pull out your gravity gun.

Go up to this panel and grab it and throw it away.

Now, you'll see how this thing works. It goes up and down so you'll have to use something to prevent it from moving up and down.

At that table was this pole.

Grab it and take it over there to the rocket deployer.

Now, just stick it in there so you'll stop the deployer.

Bingo! You did it.

An alert will go off and the Combine will head over to you.

In the right cornor of the Church will be a health station. Use it.

These annoying things will come out from the deployer.

Now, get ready for the Combine.

First, they'll come out the door.

These guys are pretty easy. But still remember about the helicopter outside.

After you're done. there is also a suit station by the rocket deployer.

Now leave the Church and get ready to end this.