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Half Life 2 Lost Coast Walkthrough Up To The Church

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Now, enter the gate and begin the fight.

Here, will be two of the Combine. Shoot and kill them.

Continue up the stairs where more of the Combine will be.

There will be some supplu crates that'll be handy.

The cliff from where the wooden stairs are will be where more of the Combine are. Kill them

They will throw grenades so watch out for those!

More will continue to come out from that cliff.

Jump from the platform to that cliff over there.

There will be more supply crates on your way to the church.

A lot more Combine will be at this cliff so be careful.

Jump to this next cliff to advance.

Some Combine will come from helicopters and come down from a zipline.

At the top of the cliff, there will be stairs leading to a building.

Before going up this hill to the church, get some supply crates at the ruins to your left.

Now go through here and into this plaza area.

In this alley on the left side is where the church is. To your left is where the stairs are to get to the alley.

Open the doors and get ready for a big fight with the Combine.