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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Walkthrough The Arena Class Tierlist

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#1 - Paladin Paladin has great cards across all rarities. Paladin cards and the Hero power synergize very well with a lot of neutral cards. You can draft a very strong deck with neutral cards and some key class cards. The great class cards like Truesilver Champion, Aldor Peacekeeper, Argent Protector or Consecration are great to keep up early momentum and like the hero power they are still good in the lategame. This makes Paladin very strong at any stage of the game.

#2 - Mage Mage probably has some of the best common class cards. They have very versatile removal with their direct damage spells and the hero power and their Area of Effect damage can be very frustrating to play against. Before the freeze nerfs and the latest Pyroblast nerf Mage was by far the best class. In my opinion Paladin has a very slight edge now because you are a little more reliant on specific class cards with Mage than you are with Paladin. Mages with their signature spells are extremely strong but without them they are considerably weaker.

#3 - Rogue Rogue has a great hero power and cards to take control of the early game and establish momentum and board control. That alone can already decide the game. Weapons are great because they can give you early momentum while still keeping a card advantage. Tempodecks do very well in arena and Rogue has some really great cards for that sort of deck. With the many removals Rogue has at its disposal you can finish the game even when there is big minions or taunts on the board for your opponent. However, if you are lacking the good removals or finishers then you tend to run out of steam with Rogue in the lategame.

#4 - Shaman Shaman is a very well-rounded class overall. It has good removal for early game and some AoE to deal with opponents who flood the board early. The Hero Power and the big class minions are great for lategame. The overload can get you in trouble in the early stages of the game so you have to keep an eye on that and always plan your next turn ahead of time.

#5 - Druid Druid has some very versatile cards which is great to have in arena and it has an extremely strong lategame. Cards like Swipe, Starfall and Wrath are great to contain early agression. If you manage to draft well and get the right cards to get to your strong lategame then the Druid is a fearsome class to go up against. You need to get there though. If you don't get the right cards to get you through the early game then it gets a lot harder to make a deep run in arena.

#6 - Warrior As mentioned before Weapons are extremely strong in arena. They effectively give removal and card advantage at the same time. If you get the right weapons and keep the momentum in the game you're gonna cause a lot of trouble for your opponent. Unfortunately Warrior is extremely reliant on getting those weapons. The lack of removal apart from weapons and the lack of AoE make it very hard to stay in the game once you have fallen behind on the board with Warrior. With the nerf to Warsong Commander it has gotten a lot harder to finish off your opponent. The Hero power does nothing to affect the board either.

#7 - Hunter The buff to Unleash the Hounds helped Hunter quite a bit. The problem with Hunter as with all the other weaker classes is that the hero power doesn't affect the board. An agressive playstyle is very beneficial with Hunter. If the draft offers you the right cards you can run over everyone because your opponents are probably not gonna have too many taunts or heals to deal with it. On the other hand If you don't get your synergy cards then your deck is probably gonna be very weak. This class is hard to rank because it's pretty much "hit or miss" at the moment. Same goes for the cards. A lot of bad Hunter cards get a lot better when you have the UTH combo or good agressive cards.

#8 - Priest Priest does well once you have hit a stage where you can make effective use of your hero power on minions. The fact that the hero power doesn't help you on the board earlygame hurts though. Without a damaged minion on the board you can't actually make use of your hero power and even a lot of of the class cards need you to have minions on the board. With the weak hero power for early game and only one aoe spell it can be a struggle to come back from an early deficit. The early game is where Priest is weakest and that phase is essential in arena.

#9 - Warlock The Warlock hero power is very strong even though it doesn't affect the board at all. To make best use out of the hero power you want to avoid falling behind on the board while keeping the momentum with superior card advantage. Losing boardcontrol can hurt you a lot because your hero power is ill equipped to deal with that and using your hero power can be very dangerous when you are behind and taking damage. Unfortunately the one common Area of Effect card Warlock has can hurt you as much as it helps and a good amount of class cards are just not suited for arena.