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Heavenly Sword Walkthrough Ch 2 - The Main Gate

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Run halfway across the bridge and pick up the cannon by pressing the X button. Use it to kill as many enemies as you can. You can guide the missiles by holding R1.

When this is done, proceed to the next gate. The gate will shut as you near it.

You've got two climbing points from here. Choose the one on your right! Follow the button sequence to climb up.

When you reach the top, kill the guards waiting for you there.

When they are dead, proceed through the gate and flip the lever. You should see a box of shields waiting for you there.

Grab a shield and throw it across at the gong on the other side of the temple gate. Now the gate at the top of the other climbing point should be open.

Climb back down the bridge, and climb up the other climbing point by hitting the proper button sequence.

Once again kill the enemies at the top of this climbing point. There are some more enemies here to kill.

The door should be open. Go through it and flip the second switch. The temple gates will open once this has been done. Climb back down to ground level.