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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough One of Kind

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Enter in the church watch a cutscene, shoot in his head to watch another cutscene

Go to the church

Walk to the exit

Keep going

Go crouch

Left this building and go left

Go down stairs and pay attention because sometimes I found two guys there

Kill this guy

Go up stairs

Know we have a lot of cops use your instinct and Find the exit

Wait the guards pass and enter

Keep going

Enter in the left

Climb down

Go ahead and enter in the left

Pay attention

Keep going sneak

Save the game

Climb up

Try to distract the guard

Go sneak to the car

Leave the delegacy

Keep going

Get out of the air duct and kill the cop, keep going and take your guns

Save the game and enter in the air duct

Go strait ahead until you find cop talking on the cellphone

Wait the guard enter to fix it and kill him

Get free and activate the alarm