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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough ""Welcome to H

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"Turn the valve to see a cutscene

"Enter in the air duct

"keep going on the left

"climb down

""Open the door

"Keep going and kill this guy

"Climb up

"If you Keep walking, when you see something like this go to the right

"After the cutscene you will need to kill this two guys

"Place the fuses

"Enter in theroom in the left

"Open the door next to the chapel

"Come back

"The fuse will be in the right

"Take care there is a lot of people in this corridor, wait the area be clear and enter in the lab

"Keep going

"Take another fuse

"Go ahead wait this guy pass and go sneak, enter where he was before

"It's very important to active this checkpoint

"Climb down stairs

"Enter in the room on the right, take the fuse

"You can kill

"Make all the way back, pay attention and go sneak

"Take the fuse

"Climb down the stairs

"Climb again and enter in the room on the right

"Enter in the elevator and when it stops climb the ledge


"Just go straight ahead, no mistakes, in the elevator will be two bad guys, enter in the room on the left