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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough "Rosewood

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"Leave Chinatown

"Do the same with Bill

"Kill Frank

"Next to Frank you will see

"You will need to kill three mans, just follow one, wait he wait he be alone and kill him

"You are in Chinatown again

"Go left and keep going ahead

"Leave this area

"Keep going

"Pass by the guard

"Climb down

"Stay allert

"Climb down

"Find the exit

""Climb up

"Keep going and turn left

"After the cutscene just go ahead

"Enter in the room and check the telephone

"Go to second floor

"Pass by them

"Wait he be alone, kill him and go to the exit

"Enter in the club, Osmond is in the bar

"Kill them

"Go straight ahead until you see three guys

"Climb down and open the door

"Go up stairs and you will see a lot of police cars, keep going

"Wait and go left, stay crouch and keep going