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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough "Hunter and Hunted

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"Wait the train comes in platform B

"Climb the stairs and keep going, if someone see you try to hide yourself

"go back and turn right

"Here you can activate the checkpoint and activate the train

"Climb again

"Climb the windown

"When the guards stop to search you go the ledge

"Stay in the crowd to get hide

"You can use instinct to pass through the guards but you will alert then anyway

"If you want it is possible to kill all the cops in front of the elevator without alerting the others, when you are done, call the elevator

"When you are inside you need to pass through a lot of cops, keep going and you will see a elevator

"Open the door

"Keep changing cover, the chopper stay in three spots in the air when the chopper is distant just go

"Get out of the air duct and take cover

"Enter in the air duct

"Go ahead

"Run when the chopper start shoo

"Go straight ahead

"Open the door

"Pay attention

"Go up again

"Go up

"Turn right

"Keep going and you will see a hiden stair

"Climb through

""Turn right

"Keep walking and use your intintict to disguise yourself

"Keep going until you find the checkpoint

"Enter in the reading area nest to the cop

"Climb down, keep going and kill this cop to take his clothes

"It is important to pay attention here so go sneak

"Open the door and keep going

"Kill three cops in the roof

"Keep going up

"Go and don't care about the explosions

"Jump the window