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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough "The King of Chinatown

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"Keep going and watch the cutscene

"Follow the steps to kill them

"Go straight ahead

"Go to the exit

"Or you can open the windown to attract him,

"You have many ways to kill this man you can wait him take his coffee and kill him

"Enter in the hall

"Keep going and disable the security

"You can activate

"Enter in the mansion

"Keep going

"Go by the ledge

"You can kill this guys if you want but it is not necessary

"Exit the place

"Turn on the valve

"Keep going left

"You can use your instinc

"Pass by them

"Kill another one and take his clothes

"Kill one

"Open the door and you will see two guys

"Pass by the bridge

"Wait they go away

"Keep going left

"Kill this man

"Go sneak changing cover

"Go left

"After following the tutorial, kill this man abd hide the body

"First of all you need to know that this game have unlimed ways to complete a mission, you can can stealth or aggressive depends on the situation, and you can also create your own way