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Homefront Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Freedom

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Attack the parking lot full of enemies, don't waste your ammo on the burning ones

Follow Rianna, jump over any fire in your way

Control Goliath(NP-Up) and push forward

Repel the reinforcements, use the tower to the left for a marksman spot and focus on the left building and right watchtower, killing these while the middle is mopped up by your team

Head under this wall

Get ready to breach and clear through this door

Follow connor and rianna to the walkway ontop of a shack type structure, while you go up the ramp there are two enemies straight behind you, connor will open the door

Sprint to the tanker, go right and take out the enemies in your way, don't lose speed and get trapped in cover, push forward quickly moving from cover to cover

Sweep through the burning store with your squad

Provide cover to your squad from the top of the store, using Goliath and the .50 Cal sniper