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Homefront Walkthrough Chapter 7 - Overwatch

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Take out the Koreans with the Grenade Launcher(Unlimited Ammo)

Land and move up with the US Army

Clear the building to the right of where the tank comes in

Storm the building next to it

Use the RPG off of the dead bodies to destroy the enemy Tank

Follow Connor up the bridge

Kill the enemies repelling onto the catwalk

Assault and secure the checkpoint

After regrouping with Rianna and Hopper at the checkpoint, head through left up onto the ramp looking thing

Fight your way through the bridge

Destroy the Sentries with either C4 or a grenade

Take out the enemy chopper with the Rocket launcher

Take out the two watchtowers first, then the flanks and finally flank the middle

Defend hopper from the enemies

Use the UCAV and destroy the enemy vehicles

Kill the enemy Goliath

Congrats, you've won!