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Kenshi Walkthrough Basics & Getting started

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When first starting out, you'll be treated to a character creation screen-

Here, you can change a variety of sliders, anything from your hair to how big your feet are.

When done, you will spawn in a random location. To move, select your character and rightclick.

In my case, I spawned inside a giant arena and had to run my way up a huge set of stairs and into a rather empty city.

When you spawn, depending on your start, you'll have literally nothing besides a pair of pants and a clumsy sword.

To have any chance to make it in Kenshi, you will need to 1. Find a town..

And 2. Find a pair of bandits or other hostiles. This is easier said than done as Kenshi is a huge place.

Huge groups of people can appear as mere pixels in this sandbox and It's up to you to find the right ones.

A good way to start is to open your map and see just where you are. In my case, I spawned at the bottom right border of the map in a town called Heft. A rather bad place since It's empty and has pretty much no NPC's or hostile close-by save for a few in the town.

Running to the middle of the map is usually the way to go as there is the highest concentration of civilization.

Kenshi also features a dynamic day-and-night system, meaning you'll have to know exactly where you're going or get lost in the process.

Taking a quick stop at any town you come across while travelling is also worth your while to check in on the local goods & inns and see just what they're offering.

You may also come across merchants travelling inbetween cities. Attacking them is not a good idea as the profit is shallow and the risk & consequence values are huge.

To go inside a building, simply step through the door. Here we have a trading outpost.

They offer a wide variety of goods, most of them useable of you somehow but mainly they are for trading inbetween towns where you can jack up the price.

The more benificial ones to have are narcotics. They are illegal and may get you arrested..

And Chainmail sheets. they are highly valuable, dont weigh a whole lot and are surprisingly compact.

The Inns are also important places to take note of as they house the only place where you can sleep and heal at acceptable rates.

Town bars are also places you'll have to visit in order to recruit new members to your party. Some of them are very costly however, especially warriors and thus you'll have to wait a bit before getting more specialized help.

There are also dedicated stores to certain goods, for example, here is a store dedicating itself entire to selling hats.

Here's one for getting various building & crafting materials..

And here's one for weapons. They all vary from town to town and some may even have unique recipes you can buy to craft certain well-made items yourself.