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Kenshi Walkthrough First Steps

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The absolute first thing you need to do is to find some darn bandits. They travel in pack and should be relatively easy to see.

Travelling is the biggest time-sink in Kenshi. Speed it up by clicking the arrows on the bottom right.

Eventually, however, you should find some bandits. Make them follow you by running close and haul ass back to town ASAP.

Navigate carefully or get lost and waste huge amounts of time.

Be also careful about speeding up. Sometimes the game saves, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it hangs up a bit and all can end up with you dying.

In this case, on my way back to town, I found an injured wandering city guard. Usually, the city guards will obliverate the bandits but 10 to 1 the city guards gets K.O'ed.

And when the city guard gets K.O'ed..

You get to loot him!

In this case, I got my hands on one of the best armors in the game, although shoddy in grade, It fetches a very nice price on all markets and doesn't have any huge deductable minuses like being the armor of a faction. Merchants don't like that and will cut back on the price significantly.

"Armors in Kenshi are also rather complicated, as one can see from just glancing at the armor info. Coverage is how much of a chance the armor will have to cover a certain area of the body. 40% is about half the time, 100% is always.

Weapons are complex too. Some are good for defending, some for offense, some for both. Some do a lot of "Blood" damage to cause enemies to fall into a bloodloss shock and some just maim limbs & bodypart until foes die. Katanas are more of the bloodloss types.

As I stop looting however, I unfortunately fail to get away and get smacked in the legs.

This prevents me from running away with the already heavy encumberance I got from hauling all this gear.

Eventually, the blood loss becomes too great..

And I lose conciousness.

At this state, there is absolutely nothing you can do If you don't have any concious, controllable characters around besides your one that is lying down.

"The medical system in Kenshi is also quite complicated. But the jist of it is If your blood, head, chest or stomach gets under 0, you pass out.

In this case, only my leg got severely injured and I was able to wake up in time to stop myself from bleeding to death.

Right-clicking on yourself or your avatar will pop up the prompt to "First Aid" if you have a bandage close at hand or other first aid kits.

As my character is a newbie at almost everything, bandaging all my injuries took a very long time.

It also consumed tons of medkit "Charges".

And when I was done first-aiding, an entire medkit was consumed + some more. Good thing I found one on that guard.

But even moreso unfortunately, due to my severe left leg limb damage, the already slow travelling speed of my character was hamstered further, leaving the 3x speed-up timer to be nothing but a drip in the ocean as I crawled back to town.

It took almost an entire day to simply go around a small mountain which makes It invaluable to have, say, a partner that can carry you when your legs fail.

Alas, I did not have enough money to afford one so crawling it is.

"Green on youjr "health bars" means that much is fine. Yellow means It's damage that is bandaged. Red means it's maimed, AKA, heavily damaged that needs medical attention.

Splinted status means you can continue using your limbs even though they are yellow. A very useful thing.