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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough BONUS LEVEL 10

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Put the purple flower in the cauldron, then make your way to the right.

Move the platform to the right, blast the giant spider to get the ingredient at the back.

Switch to Ron, head left. Jump over the gap to get to the pipeline.

Equip the earmuffs, then release Scabbers into the pipeline to unlock the door.

Let the Mandrake's screeh break the glass window to take the last ingredient.

Drink the potion, then pull the chain by the wall. Eliminate the Devil's Snare that is blocking your way.

Fly through four circles to open the door at the end.

Destroy the tree on the left to reveal an apple. The hair is right beside you.

For the third ingredient, jump on the bench to allow the second character to lift you up. Now take the cherries.

Drink the potion, then disguise as Fang to dig the soil to reveal a set of switch of the door. Then have your characters disguise as Slytherin and Hufflepuff students.

As Ravenclaw student, wave to the Ravenclaw door to get the banana.

As Slytherin student, wave to the Slytherin door to get the snake.

Disguise as Hufflepuff student to wave to the painting to unlock the last ingredient. Sip the potion to get the Gold Brick. But really, you can just disguise as Hagrid to get the brick with no hussle: :D