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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough BONUS LEVEL 7

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As Harry, move to the right. There's your first ingredient next beside you.

Defeat the Dementor, eliminate the Devil's Snare. You may need to jump a little bit while casting Lumos Solem spell. Turn the crank to clear the blokade in the pipeline.

Use Scabbers to activate a switch.

Change to Harry, dump your first ingredient into a cauldron just to the left. Now get the purple flower.

Blast the tree to get the last ingredient.

Drink the potion, then pull the chain to activate the platform in the Ron's cell.

As Ron, jump over the gap then put on th earmuffs.

Grab the shrieking Mandrake, bring it to the glass window to break it.

Pull the crank at the dead end to open the cell gate.

Together with Harry, go back to your starting point. Activate on of the button and the other character will do the same.

Turn the last crank to drain the lava. Jump down to get the Gold Brick.