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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough BONUS LEVEL 6

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Approach the crank on the left to lower the first platform.

Chase away the Devil's Snare, use the teleport.

Now turn the second crank.

Release Scabbers to switch on the switch on the other side.

Pull the crank to open the gate to the right.

Pull another crank beside the caudron to turn the quicksand into water.

Swim to the right to find another teleport.

Eliminate the Devil's Snare.

Swim to the other side and turn the crank to move some static platforms. Don't forget to take the last potion ingredient on your right.

Switch to your second character, swim to the starting point. Then use the moving platform to across the gap. Turn the crank to open the gate for your first character.

Take the green apple, throw everything in the cauldron to brew the potion.

Disguise as any Slytherin student character, go back to the strating point. Wave to the door to earn a Gold Brick.