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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 1-6: FACE OF THE ENEMY

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You will face Fluff - Hagridís three-headed dog in this stage. Hit the painting with a blast of magic and a rubber ducky will fly out.

Hit the ducky twice to increase its size and lift it up.

Fluff will move away and you will be able to put together the destroyed harp. It will begin playing automatically and put Fluff to sleep. Jump through the opened hatch.

Eliminate all of the Devilís Snare, down through the hole on the right.

In this new area, head right to the room with the flying keys. Put a bucket on the statue's head, then ride the broom that appears.

Eliminate the Devilís Snare to save the Student in Peril.

There are two hidden purple studs here.

Shoot the large key four times to send it down.

Unlock the door to the next area.

You will end up on a giant chess board. Move the black pieces, one at a time.

You can easily know which one to move as they will make a movement and look anxious to proceed.

Hit the third pawn.

Jump on the rook cart (K) to kill the white pawn.

Send out the bishop to fight the white queen.

Assemble the blocks to create your own queen. The first part will be the body.

Use your queen to attack the white bishop.


In the next area, you have to fight Voldemort. Avoid the fireballs heíll be throwing at you. Equip the Wingardium Leviosa spell.

Once he throws the poisonous head, catch it and throw it back to him (hold J until the head turns back to him).

He will be dizzy for a while, quickly jump over the pit and approach him. Repeat this process three times.

Outro cutscene.