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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough HOGWARTS CASTLE

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CONGRATULATION! You've completed the Story Mode game. Now it's time to collect some more collectibles.

[Dumbledore's Office] You can enter the office only after finishing the main story mode. Get rid of the Pixie to get the purple flower.

Put the candies in the jar according to their colors to get the second ingredient.

Blast the golden armor for the third ingredient. Brew the potion.

Pull the chain by the wall.

Character Token -- Destroy all the planets causing the Sorting Hat to appear. Cast magic on it to reveal the Professor Dumbledore (Grey) character token.

Character Token -- Use magic on the hanger on the right side of the room to unlock the Nearly Headless Nick character token.

Just approach the Phoenix to get the Red Brick (Invincibility).

Use Reducto spell on the silver padlock to earn a Gold Brick.

Character Token -- Go behind the desk and into the back room. The Professor Dumbledore character token is in the chest. Open it with Dark Magic.

[The Leaky Cauldron] Hit the silver padlock near the progress board to go to the basement.

[The Leaky Cauldron Basement] Assemble four groups of Lego pieces to get four Gold Bricks.