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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 3-4: THE SHRIEKING SHACK

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In this stage, you have to defeat the Whomping Willow. Avoid all the attacks until it attacks the central field with its hand, onto which you can jump.

Once you're in the air, attack the tentacles. Repeat these steps three times to unlock a passage to the underground.

Hufflepuff Crest Fragment (yellow) -- Hit all five yellow flowers to receive a yellow crest.

Create a bridge from the Devil's Snare using Lumos Solem spell.

Attack the tip of the brown vine that dangling from a ledge above you. The vine will recede and extend from the left hole. Zap it so that a green seed will roll onto the ground.

Hit the red flower on the left side of the area to water the seed, allowing leaves to grow and creating a staircase.

Hit the switch to make the Devil's Snares to recede in a passage to the right. There are three of them.

The second switch and the fourth yellow flower.

Hit the two purple spheres sticking out of the wall,

then block both geysers of water with each of them.

On your left will be the last switch to eliminate the Devil's Snare blockade, while on your right should be your last yellow flower.

Once the cutscene's over, hit the furniture where Wormtail is hiding.

Construct a giant rat-trap from the gained bricks. Cutscene.

Cast Lumos Solem to get rid of the Devil's Snare.

Build a big cube from the bricks lying around. Two bricks will fall out of it.

Arrange them so that you can get onto the upper ledge. Note that there's Mandrake shrieking on your right. Remember this spot as we have to handle with it in the free play mode.

Use Crookshanks to dig up the cauldron.

Hit the skeleton to get your first ingredient.

Shoot off the snake skeleton head to gain an ingredient.

Blast the black boulders to get a green seed, then water it to make it blooms. Keep searching until you find a plant with a purple flower, which you can take and drop into the cauldron to complete your brew.

Drink the potion then pull the chain to raise the platforms.

As Hermione, hop up those ledges and then have your cat dig at the top to reveal some sprites that will transform into a ladder.

Climb that ladder and continue toward the right to find yourself under attack by a bunch of spiders.

There's a student caught into a spiderweb. Use magic on it to save the Student in Peril.

Assemble the pieces to form a toadstool. Hop onto that and spring to the upper ledge to complete the stage.