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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 3-3: MISCHIEF MANAGED

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Use the torch held by the statue on the left on the Devil's Snare which are holding the key.

Place the red key in the red keyhole.

Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- hit five gold armours.

Take some bricks out of the cabinet on the right and assemble an armour from it.

Hit the armour holding the chest to get the second key.

Place the yellow key into its keyhold. Turn one of them and the second character will automatically turn the other.

Switch to Ron then slay the Boggart in the chest with the Riddikulus spell. Use the debris from the cabinet to create a cauldron.

Blast the chest at the corner of the room - a snake will come out. Eliminate a hammer-holding pixie, then use the hammer to knock down the snake to get its fang.

Unfold the banner on the left wall for the second ingredient.

Stack the bricks in the right order according to the color chart extending from the tile (green, red and blue).

Inside you will find a skeleton, use magic on it and you will get the last ingredient. Brew then sip the potion before pull the chain.

Place the large boulder on the left column to open the door.

As Ron, approach the chest on the left to slay the Boggart

Switch back to Harry then speak Parseltongue to receive some bricks.

Create a platform using the Lego pieces. Jump down then take your first imgredient for your potion.

Use Lumos magic to chase away the Devil's Snare, which allows you to access the cauldron.

Use the shovel propped against the wall to dig at a nearby mound of dirt to produce some foliage. Break the foliage apart for more Lego pieces and one of your three ingredients.

Destroy all four statues by the fountain,

then assemble the valve to fill up the fountain. After a while plants will grow up and create a trampoline - jump upstairs.

Have Harry equip the Invisibility Cloak. While invisible, approach the open window then take the chicken piece.

Character Token -- Fred (Sweater) character token is behind the table.

After finish brewing the potion, have both of your characters drink the invisibility potion. Pull one of the statues into its platform to open a doorway that leads to a new corridor.

Blast two chests in this area and a few blocks will fall out of them. Assemble the bricks, create a violin.

After the violin finishes playing, a key appears that you can use to open the final door. Pass through the doorway to end the stage.