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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 3-2: HOGSMEADE FREE PLAY

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Use Lucius Malfoy or other evil character with Dark Magic to replay this stage.

Character token -- Before solving the face puzzles, destroy the black sphere with dark Magic to unlock Crabbe (Sweater) character token.

Character Token -- While you're in the candy shop, destroy the silver padlock and then shake the booth. The Goyle (Sweater) character token will appears for you to collect.

Before you're advance to the next area, use Crookshanks digging spot on the left.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Dig out a giant snowball and get onto it (K). Roll down the alley and hit the three bowling pins.

Character Token -- Shoot the wizard twice. Once the wizard run towards the basket of snake near the entrance, destroy the silver padlock then lift the lid. He will flee and leave the Draco (Sweater) character token behind him.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- After the huge snowball roll down the hill, switch to Hagrid then pull the chain.