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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough HOGWARTS CASTLE I

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[Grassy Courtyard] You will begin in the Gryffindor Common Room. Make your way to the Upper Hallway > Main Hall > Corridor > Pendulum Tower Courtyard > Grassy Courtyard. Eliminate the Boggart to get the gate handle.

Attach the handle to the gate.

[Owlery Tower] Approach the two owls holding the large scroll to unroll the Student in Peril.

Character Token -- Unfold the bridge to unlock the Hermione (Grey Hooded Top) character token.

Throw out the grain from the chest,

then assemble a platform from the debris.

Move the egg through the labyrinth and crack it with magic to hatch an owl.

Character Token -- On the second floor, play three vinyl records to unlock Cho Chang token. The first one is right beside, the second is in the silver chest and the third one is inside the left drawer. The last record is only available after you've played the second one.

Use the feather on the painting

then assemble the scattered bricks to earn a Gold Brick.

Have Hermione to turn back time.

Time Travel : Character Token -- Unlock Barty Crouch Senior character token by hit the locked cabinet, then assemble a plunger. Jump onto it and clean five white stains on the floor.

Time Travel : Put the letter boxes into the right places according to their colors to get a Gold Brick.

Time Travel : Hit the stucked Student in Peril to free him.

Hit the owl in the painting to be able to go to the second floor.

Time Travel : Repair the projector on the second floor then take the Red Brick (Gold Brick Detector) out of the screen.

Time Travel : Character Token -- On the second floor, blast the green plant, then assemble the phonograph to unlock the Hermione (Hogwarts) character token.

[Training Grounds] Exit the Owlery Tower, then make your way to the Pendulum Tower Courtyard > Training Grounds.

Character Token -- Dig five digging spot to unlock Harry (Quidditch) character token.

Character Token -- Cast Reducto spell on the locked chest. Afterwards jump onto the broom and fly through the rings to earn the Victor (Dragon Task) character token.

Once you've unlock both character tokens, the Gold Brick will appear.

[Herbology Classroom] Enter the classroom.

Blast the silver padlock with Reducto spell.

Character Token -- The Fleur Delacour character token is in the chest.

[Side Room of Herbology Classroom] Use magic to lower the pot.

Collect your first ingredient.

The second one is behind the Mandrake. Equip the earmuff, first!

Use magic on the plant to make the fruits grow. Pick up your last ingredient.

Drink the potion the pull the chain. You'll save a Student in Peril.

Approach the large plant on the right and use a spell on it causing it to throw out some leaves.

Create a staircase, take all the Mandrakes upstairs and put them into the pots. A Red Brick (Singing Mandrake) will appear.

[Greenhouse] Jump on the bench, then blast it to get to the upper balcony. Equip the earmuffs.

Character Token -- Grab the Mandrake, break five glass cases. The Professor Sprout character token will appear in the center of the room.

Character Token -- Eliminate the Boggart lurking in the chest to unlock the Drummer character token.