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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 4-5: THE BLACK LAKE

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Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Hit nine shells to get the crest. Hit the first shell.

Swim to the right and you'll find your second shell.

Dive into the tunnel when its lid is raised to switch to foreground. Now swim to the left.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Use Wingardium Leviosa on three big rocks. Pull out two worms to attract the bulbous fish. Hit the fish to lift a boulder. The first one is at the beginning, by the first tunnel.

3/9 shell.

Character Token -- Hit the skeleton holding a chest to get the Harry (Lake Task) character token.

Make all your way to the right, past the first tunnel. You can see the fourth shell is at the back.

5/9 shell.

Keep swimming right. Blast the rocks to reveal the second tunnel.

Instead go through the tunnel, swim to the right a bit to collect another shell.

There's octopus blocking your way. Unfasten its tentacle to clear the path as the other character will do the same on the other side.

Still heading to the right, now dive through the third tunnel to switch to the background. You can see the seventh shell at the back.

This time, you need to swim to the left a bit as we're going to collect some collectibles. 8/9 shell.

Continue swimming left, you will find a skeleton in a boat. Cast magic on both paddles then move the boat to save a Student in Peril.

Now swim back to the right. Swim through the third tunnel to switch to the foreground view. A bit further to ther right, there's another big rock that you need to cast on.

9/9 shell.

Assemble a fish which will make the big boulder fall.

Character Token -- In the second part of the stage, swim down and in the bushes on the left you will find a chest containing the Guitarist character token.

Take the lower route, lift the blockade then swim below it .

Place the giant crab on the purple bricks to clear the path above.

Switch to the upper character and use magic on the octopus' eye.

Get rid of the Devil's Snare.

Hufflepuff Crest Fragment (yellow) -- Get rid of the ink released by the octopus using Lumos Solum.

Hit the red seaweed, a pearl will fall out.

Place it inside the clam's shell.

Character Token -- After beginning the third part of the stage, open the chest at the back to get the Krum (Shark) character token.

Use Lumos Solem to chase away the Devil's Snare. Lift the anchor.

Hit the first worm.

Cast magic on the another anchor, cause a chain to rise in the distance.

Hit the second worm to toss it to the left.

Lift the last boulder to earn the crest.

Dive through the tunnel to switch to the background view. Place the pearl on the scale.

Lift the final anchor.

Blast all three locks to break free the chains.