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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 3-6: THE DARK TOWER

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Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Use magic on the five lamps. Some of them need to be hit twice as they're frozen and need to be defrost first.

Use the pickaxe from the chest to crush the ice, then cast Lumos Solem to get rid of the Devil's Snare.

Once you've hit the last lamp, the water fountain will start operating. Use the barrel to water the nearby flowers.

Jump onto the water fountain to make you floating in the air to get the valuable blue and purple studs.

Hit the large flowers to make them spinning and create a whirl, which will take you up.

Use magic on the identical statue to melt the ice on the door.

There's one more identical statue in the chest. Blast it with your magic.

In this area, you will have to cooperate with both characters. Head to the right side, jump onto the bridge and use Wingardium Leviosa to lift up the platform to the other side..

Switch to the character on the left, then use the torch to burn the Devil's Snare.

Switch to the character on the right and move the platform to the left side.

Switching again, this time use the wooden planks to build a bridge for the character on your right to across.

Lastly and finally, switch to character on your right, then move the wooden planks in front of the door to build a bridge for your accompany.

You will find one of the ingredients in the potted flower; shoot the snake appeared to take its fang.

Pull down the cauldron from the sculpture.

Take out the saw from the barrel, then cut off one of the branches to get your second ingredient.

Descend the ladder.

Raise the purple hippogriff statue above the window and it will smash it.

Go inside with Hermione and read the signs by the shelf to reveal your last ingredient.

Gryffindor (Crest Fragment red) -- Once the purple hippogriff statue breaks the window, a part of the crest can be found on the right, next to the bookshelf.

Brew the potion then sip it. Pull the chain to extend the bridge. You need to ascend the stairs to witness a cutscene.

The boss fight isn't too hard if you know the tricks. As Harry, run around, far from the barrel so that the Dementors will chase you. Switch to Hermione instead, then lift the barrel to spill out its content. Do this on the both sides. It's lot easier if you eliminate of the Dementors first.

Once you've defeated both weaker Dementors, the boss will suck you with its power. This is when all the items in the barrels come in handy as they will hit the boss once he tries to pull you towards him.

Blast the stunned Dementor with magic.

Sometimes the boss will freeze you up with its freezing power before sucking you.

If so, just hit the torch to melt down the frozen barrels. You may need to trick the Dementors again to be able to spill out the barrels contents.

When you land the final blow, your foe will vanish and the stage is complete.