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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 4-1: THE QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP

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Your fourth year at Hogwarts begins with a cutscene that leads directly into the first Story mode stage: The Quidditch World Cup.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Extinguish eight flames. Only seven flames are accessible at the moment.

To save Ron, attack the Death Eater twice then lift up the table with Wingardium Leviosa.

Hit the Death Eater with the large frying pan to save Mr Weasley.

Shoot the spiderweb then take the red spider needed for your Invisibility Potion.

One of the ingredients is on the grill.

Have Crookshanks to dig the digging spot to reveal a cherry tree.

Destroy the rockets flying around George.

Once you've brewed and sip the potion, approach the red book and jump on it (K).

Move the car aside.

DO NOT save Fred yet, instead put out the last flame to receive your crest fragment.

You may save Fred, now.

After the cutscene, you'll now be taken to a new area.

Blast the gray banner and it will fall into pieces.

Assemble those pieces to form a springboard that you can use to fly over the flames to your right. Press (U) to jump higher.

Hufflepuff Crest Fragment (yellow) -- In the second area, save five wizards to get this yellow crest. Three of them are buried under a pile of crates and debris.

Destroy the chest blocking the water barrel to put out the fire.

Character Token -- After jumping over the flames, head down and use magic on some planks and chests to get this Ginny (Hooded Top) character token.

Approach the chest and use the water from the barrel to extinguish the fire by the tent.

Have Crookshanks to dig up a wheel.

Attach it to the car, then cast Wingardium Leviosa to move the car.

Use the axe from the orange chest to chop off the brick blocking the passage.

Destroy the barrel - a skeleton will appear. Take your first ingredient.

Turn round the knocked over cauldron.

Eliminate the pixie then pick up the tap and place it into the barrel.

Extinguish the flames.

There's another ingredient in the hole.

Destroy the planks and boxes lying on the ground, then pick up the last ingredient for your Strength Potion.

Drink the potion and pull the chain by the gate.

After the cutscene's over, you have to defeat a group of Death Eater foes in three waves. Keep moving as you repeatedly fire blasts of magic at your enemies.