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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough The Paths of the Dead

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"As mentioned before, Aragorn is now in possession of the Anduril sword, capable of destroying Morgul LEGO bricks. Head further into the cave. You will be moving along a corridor filled with mist and will have to look out for any traps on your way. If you step onto the area where the mist forms a kind of a whirlpool (visible in the above screenshot), your character will be grabbed by phantom hands and you will have to free yourself by pressing (H) a couple times.

Soon enough you should reach a vast chamber. Gimli should destroy a cracked brick, use the pieces to build a door and use the narrow tunnel, while Legolas should use the leaves to jump onto the rock ledge. There he will shoot a target on the wall and use the bar to jump onto the upper floor. Push the crate down and Gimli will be able to build a ladder and join the Elf. Move deeper into the cave and you will have to use a rail mounted on the wall to avoid a trap in the mist. At the very end of the corridor you will find another cracked brick which can be destroyed with Gimli's axe to create a further path.

In the corridor you will find two targets which you need to shoot with Legolas' bow. The bricks that you receive can be used to build a bridge and get across the precipice.

The next big room will involve a more complicated task. On the left side you will find a cracked brick: break it with Gimli and build a rail from its remains. Afterwards switch to Legolas and grab onto the rail to get onto the upper level. There, shoot the target on the wall and use the bar to jump above the traps. push down the crate, switch to Aragorn and destroy the Morgul brick. By the end of the corridor you will have to use Gimli's help once again and destroy the cracked brick.

It's the last big chamber in this mission. Have Aragorn destroy the Morgul brick under the statue, push it and climb the unveiled ladder up. Legolas should cross the rope to the other side, while Aragorn pick Gimli up and throw him to the Elf. On the other side, the Dwarf has to break the cracked LEGO brick and build a narrow tunnel from its remains. Head through and use the spinning wheel to open the gate. Go through the gate and the battle with the King of the Dead will begin.

Start with breaking four cracked bricks on the ground with Gimli. In the meantime Aragorn should defend the team from the attacks of the Dead, so switch to him from time to time and clean the area. After having enough bricks on the ground, you can switch to him permanently and build a platform from the elements. Jump on it and wait for the King of the Dead to approach you and hit him three times with your sword. The angered ghost will destroy your platform.

Luckily there are more bricks on the ground from which you can build another platform. Once again jump onto it and hit the King of the Dead three times. Your construction will get destroyed once again. Now for the last stage of the fight: build not one but four platforms and jump onto that beside which the King will be and hit him with a sword. Hit him four times to defeat him.

You will be able to choose between two paths once again: Theoden's riders and the Hobbits. The first group will be rescuing the besieged Minas Tirith, while the second will continue their trip deeper into Mordor, towards Mount Doom. Complete any side missions and try out Aragorn's sword in free play if you want and switch back to the Hobbits to finish the mission of Frodo and Sam.