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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Osgiliath

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"Your team will once again be divided into two groups. Frodo, Sam and Gollum are in one part of the ruined city, while Faramir in the other. Both groups will have to cooperate in order to complete this mission. Start off with Frodo - the Hobbit has to enter the narrow tunnel in the left, after which you should switch to Faramir and shoot an arrow into the target in the background. Once again return to Frodo and jump to the other side using the newly created platform. Switch to Sam, go down and use the elven rope on the hook.

On the tower you should see an Orc with a sword which you will be able to use to free Gollum's hands. Choose Frodo, use his phial to light up the dark backstreet. Destroy the door there and build a narrow tunnel from its pieces. Change back to Sam and use the newly created passage. After a short cutscene, use the elven rope on the hook hanging from the roof.

Build a springboard from the LEGO bricks on the ground and use it to reach the first floor of the tower. In order to get higher, switch to Faramir, kill the attacking Orcs and head to the right. There you have o build a ladder, climb it and shoot the target with an arrow. Switch back to Sam, finish building the ladder and pick up the sword. Get back down and use the sword to free Gollum.

Your newly gained team member can climb walls marked with fish bones. The first chance to use this skill will come right up. Go up, open the gate with the crank and head further to the right. Now you can switch to Faramir. Go down from your platform and head right as well. The rocks blocking your way will be destroyed by attacking Orcs - get rid of them and move on.

Go up the stairs and shoot the two targets. Use the tiles to rebuild the floor and push the pillar to the left. Stand in the breach and shoot two Orcs in the distance, therefore creating a path for the Hobbits. Choose Gollum and climb onto the platform to push down the statue. It will destroy the stone block and therefore allow Sam to place a plant. Use the left as a springboard and get onto the platform. Have Sam start a fire in the designated spot.

You will once again encounter a flying Nazgul. Switch to Faramir and head to the right. Another group of Orcs will destroy the door blocking your way. Deal with them and break the supports by the wall to create a breach through which you can shoot the Black Rider. Jump onto the pillar lying beside, shoot the phantom and switch back to Sam.

Go down the stairs and use the shovel to dig up a cog. Use it to complete the mechanism. In order to obtain the crank, you will have to fish it up from the water. For that, destroy the rocks blocking our path to the footbridge and switch to Gollum - he can catch fish without using a fishing rod. After obtaining the crank, add it to the rest of the mechanism and open the gate. Head through it to the other side - the Nazgul will appear once again.

Head with Faramir to the right and down the stairs. A couple Orcs will break through the wall and therefore allow your for a clean shot at the Wraith - use this chance. Afterwards head further to the right, build a ladder from the bricks on the ground and climb up onto the upper level. Switch to Frodo and destroy three pillars to build stairs from them. Climb them and fight off the temptation to put on the ring (keep pressing (K)). Switch back to Faramir and shoot at the Nazgul.

Ents versus Isengard! You can destroy pretty much everything on your way. Keep heading to the right and you will reach a precipice which you will be able to pass only after knocking down the nearby tower.

Keep going further to the right and you should reach a wall of fire. Extinguish it with the nearby water containers - pick them up (K) and throw at the flames (H). Afterwards you will be able to move further to the north.

Directly by the dam you will find a few boulders on the ground. Use them to destroy the towers in the distance, thanks to which you will be able to move towards the dam. Pull out the suspensions and destroy the dam to end the mission as well as the next chapter of your adventure.

You return to the path to Osgiliath. If you want to visit the previous locations and use Gollum's kills, now you have some time for that. I'd also recommend visiting the Dead Marshes and activate the map stone there. In case you have problems returning to the road to Osgiliath, just save your game and head to the main menu (ESC, exit, save and exit) and then reload your game - our team will be placed in front of the next mission. when you're ready to resume your quest, just make Gollum climb onto the nearby wall to the very top.