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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Track Hobbits

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"Watch the intro cinematic and you will take control of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. You will be beside the ashes of the Uruk-hai defeated by the Rohan warriors. Start off by shooting the three targets with Legolas. Use the obtained bricks to build a set of stairs (K) which will let Gimli reach the cracked LEGO brick and destroy it (jump attack). The belt of one of the hobbits will fall out of the pile.

Follow the footprints to reach the edge of the forest. Watch what the hobbits did and you will find yet another green item which will lead you to a log blocking your path. Destroy it with Gimli's axe and you will find the last item for Aragorn - follow the trail and the game will move to the Fangorn Forest.

This time you will be in control of Merry and Pippin who are running away from a hunt. Start off by saving your game using the nearby statue and afterwards move to the right. Destroy the rocks blocking your path and go down the slope where you will have to fight Orcs.

When you're done with the enemies, you will have to grab onto the log with both hobbits (press (U) after grabbing it) and build a ladder from the obtained bricks. Move on to the right.

After a few fights with Orcs you will reach a glade. There you will have to unblock a narrow tunnel (in the screenshot) - the shielded enemy will do most of the work for you. Defeat him and use the newly unveiled corridor to move onwards to the right.

You will reach a spot which might seem like a dead end. Luckily you just have to destroy the bushes in the middle of the location beside the big tree and build a rail from them. Use them to get above.

This time you will be able to control the powerful Treebeard. Time for a short walk: head to the right while smashing both LEGO objects and incoming enemies. If you have troubles hitting them, press the attack button (H) and the Treebeard will swing its arm. After reaching the end of the path, you will have to move onwards to the north.

After as short fight with Orcs, you will need to defeat some archers. Approach the boulder on the ground and press (K) in order to pick it up and aim at the nearby boulders by holding down (H). it will unblock a path onto the upper level - head there and afterwards further to the right. As you reach a stream, you will need to help Merry with crossing it - just approach him, press (K) and then press it again on the other side to put him down.

As the Ents are afraid of fire, you will have to make use of the hobbits. Switch to Merry (U) and use the narrow tunnel. Above, just grab onto the liana to extinguish the flames. Switch back to the Ent and head further to the north to finish the mission.

Once again you can choose between two team, though Osgiliath is still blocked. Therefore you need to spend some time on exploring the foregrounds of Edoras. It shouldn't take you too much time considering you're riding on a horse. You can find a big amount of objects which you can destroy to receive studs and a couple mithril LEGO bricks. After a short exploration of the nearby fields, you can head to Edors to meet with Theoden. Entering the city will begin the next story mission - Warg Attack.