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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Taming Gollum

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"Just like with some of the previous missions, you will have two groups of travels at your disposal. Firstly I'd recommend choosing Gandalf the Grey and finishing off Balrog once and for all. Save your game by the nearby statue and head left.

Repair the broken stairs with Gandalf's magic. It's the last obstacle on the path to Balrog.

After reaching the top of the tower, the final battle with the demon will begin. The task is easy: you need to avoid Balrog's attacks (you can jump above both the whip and sword attacks) waiting for lightning to hit. When the storm starts, stand in the shining circle, press (K) and aim the electricity beam at one of the bricks on the demon's wings. The whole cycle has to be repeated two more times - you need to hit the second wing and afterwards the body. This will be the last time you see Balrog during your adventure.

After the battle, the game will automatically move you to the hobbits. Gollum will take the basket's contents and run way blocking your path. To reach him, you will have to fill up the basket with as much as six fish. The first two can be found at the very beginning of the location (the second one will appear after you complete Gandalf's storyline). You can place them inside the basket at once by selecting them in the inventory and pressing (K) while standing on the stone by the gate (K).

The third fish can be found high above, on a rock ledge. Select Sam, stand below the hook and press (K) to attach the rope, so that the Hobbit can pull himself up. Now just destroy the bushes beside you and build a ladder from the remains to reach the fish. You can head further to the right, you will return to the basket later on.

The fourth fish is inside the dark cave. Choose Frodo, equip the Phial of Galadriel and head inside. Sam will follow you - he will have to use his shovel and dig up the fish. Continue to the right.

Sam will have to place a plant and move the pillar so that you can use it as a platform. Jump along the leaves onto the rock ledge and onto the other side.

It's time for the fifth fish. You will need to start a bonfire - wood can be found behind the big stones in the background and beneath the nearby bushes. After collecting three pieces, Sam will be able to light them up which will open a passage to the fish.

"The last one is inside the dark cave above you. You will have to do the following: Sam has to dig up the ground and build a hook from the obtained bricks. Afterwards he has to attached the rope to it and climb up to place a plant. Switch to Frodo and jump up along the leaves. Head inside the narrow tunnel and cross the precipice by holding onto the rail. The last step is taking out the Phial of Galadriel and picking up the fish inside the cave.

Gollum will be constantly moving along the opposite wall - to make him come down, you need to throw a fish at him. One is lying right in front of you - pick it up and throw at the enemy. When Gollum gets down onto the ground, switch to Sam and throw his rope at him. That will make Gollum angry and he will attack the Hobbit; in order to damage him, switch to Frodo and attack with his sword. Gollum will head back onto the wall and you don't have any fish left to make him come down.

Time to build yourself a fishing rod. A line can be found in the dark cave by the wall on which Gollum is. Light up the path with the phial and pick up the item with Sam. Dig up the nearby ground to find a hook which can be attached (K) onto the wall above. one accurate rope throw and you will obtain the fishhook. Now you just need a pole. Climb onto the rock ledge with Sam and destroy the bush there to obtain it. Combine all three elements to obtain a fishing rod which you can use to obtain more fish from the nearby pond. Repeat the process from the previous paragraph two more times and Gollum will be defeated.

"You're once again in Emyn Muil. In the upper right corner you will see an icon of the second group - Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli - who are following your kidnapped friends. You can press (U) to switch to them, however in this guide the first described mission will be the one of the hobbits and Gollum.