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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough The Secret Stairs

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"Your begin on the path to Minas Morgul. This time you have to look out for Frodo, as the will from time to time head towards the fortress on his own. If you control him on your own, he will never fall in the trance, so consider having him as your "main" character. Start off by visiting the dark cave (you will need the phial) on the left side of the road. Frodo will provide light, while Sam will dig up the ground. From the received bricks, build a lever by the left statue.

In order to obtain the pieces needed to finish the structure, you need to head as far to the left as possible. There you will find a wall which Gollum can climb and knock down the boulder there (H). Afterwards use it to jump to above with Sam, dig up the ground, pick up the rock and throw it at the plant. A hook will appear - a great target for Sam's elven rope. A strong pull will create a platform which you stand on.

This time you will need Frodo. Jump to the other side (where the tile is) and take out the phial to light the cave. Break the item there and finish the floor using the tiles found there. Afterwards push the stone down and build the second part of the stairs from its remains. Now you can use them to get up.

Watch the cutscene and you team will end up high above the ground. Go to the right, jump across the first precipice and cross the second using the rail. On the other side you can save your game and head up the stairs.

Use the phial of Galadriel to light the dark area in front of you, unveiling a wall which can be climbed by Gollum. Climb up and push down a stone from there. Pieces needed to build the tile can be found buried in the ground - the loose ground itself is hidden beneath various, destroyable pieces of the environment. After assembling the tile, push the rock to the right and use it to jump onto the next piece of stairs.

At the top of the stairs you will first of all need to visit the cave on the right side. light it up with the phial and find a breakable chest. Destroy it and a stone will fall out. It can be used to pull down a spider-web on the left side. Doing so will unveil a hook onto which you can attach Sam's elven rope. Afterwards use the rail to cross the precipice to the left and go up the stairs.

As Gollum, destroy the spider-webs on the wall and climb onto the rock ledge above you. There you have to break the skeleton on the wall and build a lever from its pieces. After jumping onto the shield, push the boulder down to unlock a narrow tunnel. Switch back to Sam and use the corridor to reach a small cave where you can place a plant. It will burst through the stone and you will be able to build the missing stairs using the bricks from the ground. This time the stairs will take you to the very top.

In this part of the level you will be navigating through a cave with the Phial of Galadriel giving you light. You should control Frodo, as his light can scare away small spiders. It's also impossible to get lots - there's only one path leading to the destination. If it gets blocked by items lying on the ground, just destroy them (H).

After a short walk you should reach a bigger cave. Switch to Gollum and use his ability to climb up walls. Push down the stone which will unveil an entrance to a narrow tunnel. Now just switch back to Frodo and use the newly created passage to move onwards.

"Destroy a few spider-webs and chase away the little spiders with the phial and you will reach another dead end. Nothing hard here: just break the bones in front of you and build rails with them. Above you will have to break all the objects around you - bones can be used to build a bucket, into which you have to put three stones (just throw them at it). It will rip the web and open a path for you.