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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough Cirith Ungol

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"You will begin the level controlling Sam and one of the Uruk-hai from Cirith Ungol: Shagrat. Frodo is paralyzed by Shelob, so your first task will be protecting him from the spider. Start off by picking up the Phial of Galadriel and the sword. Run after Shelob and she will stop - stand in the yellow circle, press (K) and afterwards (H) when she grabs the sword. The wounded spider will run onto the wall.

Time to escape. Save your game by the statue in the background, throw Sam's rope onto the hook in the middle of the room and pick up the stone to throw it at the chain. Go down the rope onto the lower level.

Deal with the Orcs stationed here, switch to Frodo and use his phial to light the portal on the left side of the room. Pick up the cog and use it to repair the mechanism by the door. Have each of the Hobbits grab one chain to open the passage. There will be some fighting: you will have to defeat both the Orcs on the stairs and those at the bottom of the tower, after which you will be able to head out.

You can save your game here. In order to leave Cirith Ungol, you will have to find a disguise for Frodo and Sam: two pieces of armor and two helmets. Let's begin with the armour: head to the right and pick up a small stone which you will have to throw at the bend pipe above the Orc - the dirty enemy will head to take a shower and leave his equipment for you.

Head further to the right, passing by the entrance gate. Here you will find green flags which you have to burn - start the fire in the designated spot with Sam. Grab onto the rope beside so that the fire can spread to other elements and destroy them. Use the received bricks to finish the catapult. Keep controlling Sam and use the siege machine to reach the ledge on the right side. There, use the rope and climb to the very top. Now just hit the barrels to the right of you and they will hit the Orc, knocking his helmet off.

Switch to Frodo. Build a ladder form the pieces on the ground and climb to the very top. There, put on the Elven Cloak (a chest will be your new camouflage) and head past the guard behind the grate. Reach the ladder and climb it to the very top.

At the top, destroy all the barrels and build a hammer from the received pieces. You can afterward use it to destroy the cracked brick, just like Gimli does with his axe. Behind the grate, get rid of the Orc and take his helmet. Turn the crank to open the door and head further to the left.

On your way you will come across a barricade which can be burned by Sam. Head further to the left and you will come across two chests. Push them to the ground, go down yourself and assemble the bricks. Push the platform to reach the windows, break them and gather the items inside. The armor you're looking for can be found in the niche on the right. Now just place the Hobbits in front of the guards and the gate will be opened.

Sauron's gaze is on Mount Doom, blocking the Hobbits from moving onwards. You will have to draw away his attention so let them finish their mission. Switch to the group commander by Theoden and head towards the lands of Gondor - straight to Minas Tirith. Travel along the trail of studs to reach your destination and therefore begin one of the most important battles of Middle-Earth: the battle of Pelennor Fields.