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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough The Black Gate

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"You will be attacked by a Troll at the very beginning. Just like before, you need to prepare a tile and make the enemy hit it. The first trap can be prepared from the pieces from the cracked LEGO brick smashes by Gimli. Stand on it and wait for the Troll to roar and attack you. The second one can be built of bricks which you will receive after breaking the stones from the catapults, while the third one of LEGO Morgul bricks destroyed with Aragorn's sword. The last attack will kill the Troll.

You will have to defeat another Troll, however this time equipped with armlets. Your first task will be hitting his shoulders with Legolas' bow. The angry enemy will break the stones on the left side. Use them to build a narrow tunnel and head inside with one of the small characters. Above, stand in the circle, press (K) and keep hitting the Troll until it gets stunned. Choose Legolas and shoot the enemy in the head.

After returning to the gate you will have to face another Nazgul - the fight is identical to the previous one. One good shot and you will move to fighting a Troll in Morgul armor. Unfortunately it's resistant to your attacks, so all you can do it wait for it to get tired. Instead of letting it rest, switch to Aragorn and attack the tired enemy (K) to take down his armor. Without it, the Troll will run away.

Once again head to the left of the gate along the trail of studs. You will have to face yet another Troll. Start off by building targets for Legolas from the bricks by the wall and use his acrobatic skills to reach the rock ledge. There, break the rock and build a trap from its pieces. Just stand on it, make the enemy attack and when his mace gets stuck, jump onto the chain and shoot an arrow into his head. It's the last enemy you will have to defeat in this stage.

Welcome to Mordor. This is the last mission taking place in Middle-Earth, as the next one will end the story of the ring bearer. Your friends are fighting by the Black Gate and therefore drawing Sauron's attention, thanks to which the Hobbits can head directly to Mount Doom. Before beginning the story mission, you can use the nearby statue and unlock any missing characters. When you're ready, head to meet your faith.