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Lemmings Walkthrough Tricky - Level 3

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This is Tricky level 3, "A thing called lem". You have 10 lemmings and must save them all in 10 minutes.

As a lemming is walking left, make it a Climber.

It'll climb up the wall and walk into the red teleporter.

It'll exit the teleporter on the top platform, then collect the Builder ability.

At the edge of the top platform, make the Climber into a Builder. It'll grab a Floater ability.

Make the lemming into a Floater.

The lemming will climb up the wall near the exit and collect a Miner ability.

As soon as the climber falls into the skinny pit, make him a Builder. This will make him turn around.

At the wall on the right side of the exit, turn the climber into a Digger. He should clear the wall completely.

As he reaches the bottom of the wall, turn him into a Miner.

He should make a nice diagonal tunnel, but stop before digging into the acid.

Have the climber build steps into the all to his right.

Once the climber finishes the steps, have the trapped lemmings bash to the left.

The steps prevent the lemmings from dying from the fall.

The lemmings should continue through the exit.

Success! Let's move on to Tricky level 4.