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Lemmings Walkthrough Tricky - Level 1

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Pick Tricky from the main menu.

This is Tricky level 1, "Keep an eye on Mr. Climber". You have 100 lemmings and must save them all in 10 minutes.

Make a lemming walking rightward into a climber. He'll climb the wall and go into the red teleporter.

Let him climb the wall and turn around.

Make him into a builder.

When he stops, make him a builder again.

When the builder reaches the wall on the left, make him into a Basher.

Your lemming will bash through the wall, walk left and climb up a small step. Turn him into a builder on top of that step.

Have him continue building until he hits the wall.

When he hits the wall make him a basher.

He'll bash through the wall, walk left, climb up a step and then come to the first wall he climbed over. Make him into a basher here.

Before he makes it through the wall, turn him into a Builder to make him turn around.

The Climber will continue all the way back the way he came.

Once he reaches the brick wall, after the red teleporter's exit, make him bash through it.

Now he'll exit safely.

Have the other 99 lemmings bash through the right wall that contains them.

They will flood out to the right, toward the exit.

You'll have to build a bridge for them to get through the first tunnel the climber bashed.

You'll have to use two Builders to reach the tunnel.

All your lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Tricky level 2.