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Lemmings Walkthrough Fun - Level 7

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This is Fun level 7, "From the left in order to go right". You have 2 lemmings and must save both. You have 10 minutes to complete this level.

Make the first lemming into a climber.

Have the climber build over the red teleporter.

Then have the builder build over the green teleporter.

The climber will end up turning around and walking leftward into the green teleporter.

The climber will get teleported to the top-right of the screen. He'll walk left and pick up the umbrella ability. Make him a basher to get through the wall. Next he'll pick up another climber ability.

Make the climber into a floater.

Make the second lemming into a climber.

Make the first lemming to reach the base of the steps into a Basher.

Both the lemmings should teleport to the top platform, walking rightward.

They will continue to the exit.

Success! Let's move on to Fun level 8.