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Lemmings Walkthrough Fun - Level 6

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This is Fun level 6, "Total eclipse of the lem". You have 10 lemmings and need to rescue 4 of them. There is 10 minutes to complete the level.

Make the lead lemming into a climber.

Make the second lemming a Builder.

Make a Blocker lemming on the left side.

At the top of the first steps start building more steps leftward. The climber lemming will hit a dead end and turn around.

The climber lemming will now be walking leftward. Have the him dig downward here.

At the top of the second steps you've made, start another set going right.

The climber lemming should be allowed to walk into the wall and turn around. When he is heading right, dig downward again.

Start another set of steps at the top of your steps.

Give the lemmings on the stairs the Floater ability.

Let the climber hit the wall and turn around. As he is walking right, dig downward.

Make three of the lemmings on the stairs into climbers.

Set one as a blocker a little ways after the first fall.

Make the second climber into a blocker a little ways after the second fall.

Make the third climber into a blocker after the third drop.

Now create one final set of steps to the left, on the top of your top set. Your lemmings should be free.

The lemmings will drop down the holes and bounce of your blockers.

The will continue downward.

The remaining lemmings should now exit.

Success! Let's move on to Fun level 7.