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Lemmings Walkthrough Fun - Level 4

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This is Fun level 4, "Give a fellow lem a hand". You start with 2 lemmings and must save both. You have 10 minutes.

The first lemming will come out a hanging door on the left side of the map. Give him Climber and Floater abilities.

The first lemming will pick up a Digger ability.

Scroll over the the right side of the map. Here you will find the second lemming. He came out a different entrance. Make him a Digger to reach the Builder ability.

The right lemming will pick up Builder ability.

Right before the left lemming would fall to the exit, change him into a Builder.

His steps he builds must fully connect with the right pillar, otherwise you'll have to start the level over. The lemming will then pick up two Basher abilities.

The left lemming will climb over the pillar and get stuck over in the right half of the level.

Give the right lemming the Basher ability to bash leftward out of the area he is trapped in.

When a lemming reaches the tall column, change them into a Basher.

A tunnel should be created, allowing both lemming to exit the level.

Success! Press X to continue to the fifth Fun level.