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Lemmings Walkthrough Fun - Level 8

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This is Fun level 8, "Watch where you dig". You have 3 lemmings and must save all of them. You have 5 minutes to do so.

Let you lemmings walk rightward without intervention.

They will turn around at the far end of the map.

Now they will walk all the way back to the left of the map, picking up a Builder ability.

As your lemmings walk back to the right, make one into a Builder to get to the upper platform.

Make another set of steps to bypass the trap.

You'll collect two Floaters and two Diggers.

Your lemming will hit the right wall and turn around. On it's way back, dig downward before it reaches the trap.

As your lemming comes back to the left, have it dig downward between the impenetrable blocks.

Make your other two lemmings into Floaters.

All lemmings should exit safely.

Success! Let's move on to Fun level 9.