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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 11

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Push the log in to the water. Notice that the spider is back.

Jump on to the log.

Jump to the next spot of land.

Jump on to the next log.

Climb up the small cliff.

Climb on to the log.

Wait for the spider about here.

When the spider steps on the log, run forward and jump to the next cliff. The key is to get a long enough run before jumping.

Climb up the cliff.

Push the stump over.

Jump across to the next cliff.

Climb up the next cliff.

Jump on the stick to break it.

Take cover in the little nook here.

Splat goes the spider.

Jump across to the log.

Slide down the slope.

You will eventually come to a pit with spikes in it, that you can not cross.

What remains of the spider will be crawling up behind you. Run away when it gets ready to strike.

Run up and grab it's leg. Start pulling on it.

You will eventually pull the last leg out of the spider.

Climb over the spider.

Push the spider towards the pit.

Push the spider into the pit.

Jump from the spider to the other side of the pit.