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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 17

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Pass this by.

Climb up the cliff here.

Jump to the platform.

Jumping straight up will cause a glowing mushroom to drop.

The dog will come out to eat the mushroom.

Fall down to the ground and chase the dog to the left.

The dog will get stuck in the wheel causing it to turn.

Pushing the handle will cause it to rain.

Climb the cliff again.

Move the piece of wood into the center of the pit.

Climb out of the pit.

Grab the chain to fill the pit with water.

When the pit is full of water, let go of the chain.

Jump to the floating log.

Jump to the cliff.

Jump to the, well I'm not sure what that is. Anyways jump to it and climb up it. Moss perhaps?

Slide down the slope.