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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 20

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Jump across the gap.

Slide down the roof.

Jump to the next roof.

Jump to the drain pipe.

Climb up the pipe.

Jump to the next cliff edge.

The H in hotel will light ever and then shut off. When it lights up, it means that it is charged. If you touch it when it is charged, you will die from elecrtocution.

This is a matter of timing. You need to land on the H right when it goes black.

So jump towards the H when it is lit.

Land and immediately jump to the section bar in the H.

And then immediately jump to the O.

When you jump on the O, the T will lean over, and a rope will fall off of the bottom of the T.

The O will turn. Let the O turn and fall off of the O on to the ground.

Jump to the rope hanging under the T.

Jump to the next safe spot.

Flip the switch to turn the letters off.

Use to the rope to get back across the gap.

Climb up the drain.

Climb on to the cliff's top.

Jump over to the H.

Jump to the next part of the H.

Jump to the O.

Jump to the T.

Jump to the L. You have to be a little fast on the L because it will start to tilt.

Fall to the bottom section of the L.

Jump to the down arrow. If the arrow doesn't give you a clue, it should. It will fall shortly. So don't stay on it too long.

Jump to the next cliff edge.

Fall off the cliff edge onto the glass.