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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 21

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When you get on this section of glass it will crack.

Jump over the little bump.

Grab the little cart and pull it towards the glass.

Climb up on the little cart.

Climb to the top of the ladder.

When the little cart is about to hit the bump, jump on to the glass.

The glass will shatter.

Jump to the next platform.

Jump to the top of the light.

Jump to the hose.

The hose will unspool. Just wait here. When the hose is fully unspooled, you will fall off.

Now you should be on the ground.

Run to the left.

Touch the post here, and back off. This is kind of a mousetrap, and you are the mouse.

It will all fall, and then it will be safe.

Run to the right.

You've got another worm in your brain, which will turn you around.

The worm will hit the sunlight, and turn you around.

Fall off the edge.