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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 22

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Fall off the edge.

Jump across the gap.

Jump across the gap.

Jump across the gap.

Walk on to the button, and then slow walk until the crate falls.

Climb on to the crate.

Jump over the saw blades. Really this is just a manner of jumping at the right time.

Climb up the edge.

Slow walk. When you are under the worms jump.

Jump back over the saw blades.

Jump to the platform.

This platform is a giant teeter totter. Run back and forth on it until it's really teetering.

Then jump to the next platform.

Pull the higher platform back onto the lower platform.

When it's all the way back, climb up on to the higher platform.

Run across the platform, and then jump to the next section.

Climb to the higher area.