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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 18

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Push the box to here.

Jump over the box.

Pull the switch.

Climb up the ladder.

Pull the slide to open a hole for the box.

Jump on top of the box.

Jump to the ladder.

Climb the ladder.

Pull the box with a hole in it to about here.

Get on top of the box.

Jump to the top of the cliff and pull yourself up.

Slide down the slope.

Jump to the platform.

Open the slide, and wait for the ballon to fly up.

Trap the ballon with the slide.

Push the baloon until it rolls in to the area on the right.

Climb up the ladder.

Stand on top of the wooden crate like thing.

Jump to the edge of the cliff, and then pull yourself up.

Pull the switch. The key is to let just enough water in so you can jump from the box in the middle to the next box. Remember the large box that water is flowing under will drop when you release the switch.

That should about do it.

Climb the ladder.

Jump to the floating box.

Jump to the platform with a switch on it.

Pull the switch to drop the large box into the next section.

Jump to the next box.

Again, jump to the next box.

Jump to the cliff face, and pull yourself up.