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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 3

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Jump out of the boat and drag the boat to the cliff face.

Climb up on the boat.

Then jump up on to the edge of the cliff.

Climb up the vines

When you get to the top, jump backwards.

Here's a screenshot of the jump.

Jump from the top of the rope to the top of the cliff.

Notice the traps on the ground.

If you land on top of them, you die.

Pull one of the traps up the hill. The key is to get the trap on a slope.

Get a little bit of a run at the trap, and then jump over it.

Push the first trap out of the way.

Then move the second trap, and jump over it as well.

Jump across the gap to the rope.

Drop on to the ground, and then pull the trap under the rope.

Climb up the small cliff.

Jump back to the rope.

The trap will trigger and take the meat off of the end of the rope. Which will raise you up.

Climb to the top of the rope, and then jump to the cliff.